About RRR

  • Refuse, Remove, Reasons, compelling evidence-based video and print resources developed by the New York Archdiocese Drug and Alcohol Prevention Program (ADAPP) in partnership with Connect with Kids. The objective: To help students build resiliency and make the positive decisions to assure a healthy future — especially when it comes to drugs alcohol, tobacco and marijuana.

    This multimedia high school curriculum provides new information, encourages self-reflection, and helps students to learn from and support each other while exploring options for responding when it comes to drugs, alcohol and peer pressure.

  • What role does digital learning play? Research proves that video-based instruction is more memorable than the traditional text-based instruction. In context-based video learning, students can form an emotional connection as they see themselves in the real stories shared.

    The Refuse, Remove, Reasons platform reaches educators, students and parents. The Facilitator Guide provides step-by-step implementation strategies for teachers. Activities, discussion questions and assignments engage students in the classroom and at home. Fact sheets and conversation starters empower parents with information to talk with their children about often hard-to-discuss topics.

    Click here for the RRR Program Overview.